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Brittany’s Blue Eyes



Walkin’ down the highway

Thumb out in the road

Tryin’ to hitchhike back to Nashville

On that long lonely way back home

When a girl in a beat up Chevrolet

Stopped and opened her door

And her voice took me back a ways

When she said, “Hey boy, where you goin’?”



‘Cause she had Brittany’s blue eyes

Blue as the summertime skies

I couldn’t help but see, every time she looked at me

She was a livin’, breathin’ memory

I only wanted conversation but I just couldn’t ease my mind

She made me want to get high, and go back to a better time

When I could see forever in Brittany’s blue eyes



It was all I could do to climb in
And not stare like a fool

‘Cause every single thing about her

From her long dark hair down to her boots

Aw, they made me think about back home

And how forever could’ve went

Yeah, and now I’ve got this stranger

And she don’t know where I’ve been





Almost into Nashville

With the rain coming down

She said I could stay a few more days

If you don’t mind me hangin’ around

Oh, but I couldn’t let her know

I was dyin’ inside

So I said goodbye
For what felt like the second time, to



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