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I should’ve just smoked a cigarette

I should’ve walked right on by

I should’ve never asked you for your name

I should’ve never given you mine

Now I don’t know what’s worse

When both are hard on my heart

I should’ve just smoked a cigarette

And you wouldn’t be breakin’ my heart


Now, honey, when you walked in

Everybody’s head turned

And I couldn’t look away

I guess I won’t ever learn

You had a reputation

I heard you broke some rules

I didn’t know what I was getting into

I just wanted to dance with you





I thought about walkin’ outside

And just lightin’ one up

But I couldn’t let you pass me by

No, that wouldn’t be good enough

I took you once around the floor

And we were groovin’ to the band

Aww, then here come your boyfriend

With that pool stick in his hand, and I said awwww…..



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