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Harmony Monterey


When I was thirteen, I saw an old six string

Hangin’ in a second hand store

Daddy had just got a good job down at the plant

And I thought it might be somethin’ we could afford

So I told my Daddy that I had to have one

He told me, “Learn ya 20 songs, son, and we’ll see”

So I set out to find me one that I could borrow
And I got to learnin’ G, C, and D


I had them lights in my eyes

So I couldn’t see

What a life of honky-tonkin’ 

Was gonna do to me

I just knew that I was born to

Pick and to sing

And I learned how to play them country blues

On Grandaddy’s Harmony Monterey



My Momma’s Daddy, William Joseph Callahan

He’s a big time wheelin’ and dealin’ man

He bought a beat up 1970 Harmony

At an estate sale in southeast Missouri

Well it was an old archtop acoustic guitar

And to play them strings, son, ya had to mash real hard

But the first time I heard that big G chord ring

Was like the first time I heard Bocephus sing





Oh, all the nights I spent in bars

Playin’ that guitar

I talked myself into Nashville

Wishin’ on a star

I was still a kid when I hit Tennessee

Bright lights, big city callin’ me



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