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Midnight Hurricane



Me and the boys got ourselves in a mess

Down around that Arkansas line

Ridin’ on them gravel roads, sipping’ on ol’ Cuervo

And lookin’ for a neon sign



It wasn’t too long until that bottle, it was gone

And we were still real thirsty

So I took to findin’ some good white lightnin’

Down in the holler where the moon is always shinin’



I had me a friend, she lived down there on the line

Told me she could get some of that good ol’ Ozark moonshine

So I got me a little jug, I took one, s-slug 

Said -bLuhuhhuhhuhuh as it went down



We got back in the truck and we headed on home 

Aww, but little did we know

That on the way, just cause our plates were out of state

We’s gonna have a little run-in with Johnny Law



We were ridin’ high on a midnight hurricane

Firewater fever burnin’ up our brains

All we knew, is we weren’t goin’ downtown

So I stepped on the gas as I lay that hammer down



We got on over to the Missouri line

And that’s when we saw a wall of them blue and red lights

So we hit an old backroad, just tryin’ to throw 

Ol’ Johnny Law off of our trail



But he sped on ahead, like his feets were made of lead

And we rode that way on down to the river bridge

Where, lo and behold, his left front tire blowed

And that officer went down into the ditch



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