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One More Time


Two hours from Valdosta watching as the lightnin’ paints the sky

I was thinkin’ of the way you looked at me, while I was holdin’ you late last night

Moonlight softly fallin’ illuminating all of your grace

As we lay tangled up together, what sweet love we made



But In the mornin’ starin’ at the ceilin’ I could feel that feelin’ comin’ on

It ain’t that I don’t want you baby, I get stir-crazy and I’ve got to be moving’ on
No I never took a mind to settle down, and I don’t believe I ever will

So give me a good long goodbye kiss, honey, I’ve got to get back behind the wheel



‘Cause rollin’ on this highway is the only way to get by for the runnin’ kind

Rarely knowin’ where you’re goin’, I’ll learn to leave it all behind, one more time



Starin’ at this coffee cup and watchin’ troubles pile up ‘round my feet

I start to gettin’ restless, start to thinkin’ ‘bout all the places I haven’t seen

It’ll be a mile or more on down that line before I start to feelin’ free

Then I’ll see you on down the road somewhere, if I don’t find the end before we meet





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