Time flies....

July 18, 2016

Hey y'all, sorry I haven't updated this in a month, doesn't seem like that long! So here's what's been going on in my world recently.


So June 24th and 25th I was down in south Florida with Burnt Biscuit, we were jammin' at Piper's in Greenacres, and Sailor's Return in Stuart...

This is Sailor's Return.....never saw so many boats in my life...aaaaand this is by far the hottest gig we have played in the Florida summer heat yet haha

I'll just leave this here, I found this outside my hotel....


My Mom, sister Chelsea, her two kids, my nephew Cooper Lee and niece Calli-Jo, my grandma Lady and Grandad Joe Callahan came to hang out with me in Nashville. We took Cooper to the Zoo and the Rainforest Cafe, mainly just visited for awhile. So glad to get to spend time with my family.











July 2nd I began the longest 2 weeks in a long time haha. I flew to Florida Friday night, played Saturday at the Crazy Horse in Palm Beach Gardens, flew back Sunday. Started driving early Monday to my folks' place in the Missouri Ozarks on the Current River in Van Buren. 5 hours away. Stayed until Wednesday, had a great time with everybody, all my river family.

 The Current River

 My folk's place in Aldridge Valley

 This is the Ohio River, just north of where it meets the Mississippi River....


Got home at 6pm Thursday, then drove the 14 hours(with time change) to West Palm Beach, Florida, to play Friday night at Cityplace in downtown West Palm Beach, and Saturday night we were back at Sailor's Return in Stuart, then I decided to take it easy coming back. 


I stopped off at Rainbow Springs in Dunnelly, Florida. It used to be a major attraction in the 1930s, they had a monorail that went all around the park, a zoo, bird sanctuary, tons of man-made waterfalls and rivers, along with the original attraction, the spring. It's still there, and it's a beautiful place.

 Rainbow Springs

 Rainbow River



 This is an old map of the park from the 30s

Spent the night in Gainesville, where I met Matt Woods, and Coody. Bought two CDs off Matt Woods, he's that good y'all, go see him if you get a chance!

The next day I spent at Ginnie Springs, Blue Springs, and Ichetucknee Springs.

 This is Ginnie Springs, that blue hole is a cave entrance

This is where the springs meets the Sante Fe River, it's a strong contrast between the clear water of the spring and the red sediment or tannins in the river

 Another Cave Entrance, this is from Twin Springs at Ginnie Springs Park

 Another shot of Ginnie Springs

 The water has a blue tint to it

 Devil's Hole Springs at Ginnie Springs Park

 Sante Fe River


The Water is red/orange, and darker in sunlight 

 Spanish moss everywhere

 Deer Springs

 This is Blue Springs

 They have this awesome boardwalk going all the way to the Sante Fe River, good walk.




Where the springs meet the river 


 Johnson Springs

 Naked Springs

 Itchetucknee Springs

Itchetucknee Springs


I had to make a trip to Arkansas for a family emergency, and just made it back to Nashville yesterday. Heading back over to be with my family this next weekend, then back to Florida on the 30! 


I'll keep y'all updated a little more regular, sorry for the delay, but this is what's been going on....more music to come soon!!