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October 4, 2016

Hey y'all, sorry for the delay in updating this blog. I've been from Missouri to south Florida and all points between the last few months. Having a great time writing in Nashville, playing the rounds, and then getting to go play with the boys in Burnt Biscuit has me tied up most of the time, which is good. But I need to make it a point to do this more. Currently working on getting an EP recorded and an album with Burnt Biscuit is in the works also. I am very excited about the new songs I've been writing, by myself and with co-writers. Here are a few pics from the last few months...

 This is an island about to get hammered by a huge thunderhead^^

 Geico banner in the top left, I love the beach

 Old live oak tree in Gainesville

 View off the old rail bridge at Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys, beautiful place

 This gator was 6 feet away from me, he was huge!! La Chua Trail in Gainesville, Florida on the Payne's Prairie Preserve....only do this if you don't scare easy

He's a brave, brave bird...that circle you see to his left is a gator that just went under the water....they're crafty 

This reminds me of a set piece from the Lord of the's an old tower in Key West, they turned it into a botanical garden...iguanas everywhere haha 

Jammin' at Double Roads in Jupiter, Florida with Burnt Biscuit 

I made it to the southernmost point in the USA....and that's not my family ;) Look like cool people though 

 Love Spanish Moss on the trees....and this boardwalk is really a cool part of the La Chua if you don't want to be brave and go on the grass path with the alligators

 Jammin at Terra Fermata in Stuart, FL with Burnt Biscuit....Devon Allman and the Wailers have played here!

Them Dirty Roses jamming' at the Blue Bar Fubar hosted by Jamie Saylor...these guys are gonna cut a song me and lead singer James Ford wrote together, called "Bluebird". Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

 Twin Springs in Tennessee

 Great Falls at Rock Island, Tennessee

 Robert's Western World, my favorite place on Broadway.

 Machine Falls....long hike, but so worth it. 2nd best waterfall I've seen in Tennessee....Cummings Falls is the best

I love peaceful places in the woods 

Palm Beach, Florida from a plane......



Played Bobby's Idle Hour last night for the Pros On the Row Songwriter Series hosted by Kelly Carvin and Troy Walls. Randall Clay is a badass. Check out "Ringling Road" by William Clark Green, and go see him live and ask him to sing "Emptying Ashtrays" and "Styrofoam". You won't be disappointed. Also, Jared Hard. Go find the song "Brother" and sit down for it. Trust me.




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