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Southern Child



Raised up in the south land

Muddy water in my veins

Raised on catfish and cornbread

My head’s as hard as gumbo clay

You meet a lot of good people

When you travel like I do

But ain’t no place like home

Don’t it still ring true



This one’s for my people in the backwoods and the mountains

The flatlands and the swamps where we reside

And old times in them fields of cotton, Lord, they won’t ever be forgotten

But I thank the Lord I was born a Southern child



I like sittin’ out on the river

Watchin’ muddy water roll

A big ol’ fire down a gravel

Don’t it make me feel at home

And them down home southern girls, Lord, have mercy

Got me feelin’ like I do

We love that moonshine whiskey

Don’t it get us barefoot and loose



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