Steeped in Pre-2K/Outlaw Country, Roots Music and Southern Rock, blended with modern ideas and sounds, Dustin has been taking his music on the road 3-5 days a week for the past 5 years, playing every dive bar, pool hall and roadside pub from Carbondale, Illinois, south to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from the Missouri Bootheel west to the Carolinas, and way down to Southern Florida, always somehow ending up back in Tennessee. 


Currently living in Nashville, TN while working on a full length recording, Dustin is playing around Nashville and the surrounding areas on the latest leg of his musical journey, which has included  traveling to Palm  Beach, Florida most weekends(2015-2018) to play with Southern Rock/Country 5 piece band Burnt Biscuit along with playing all over the Southeast with his own trio, The Ramblers(2013-2015).


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Dustin was born in Blytheville, Arkansas and raised across the state line in Rives, Missouri. After 5 years in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and  short stints in Athens, Alabama, as well as living in a camping trailer on the Current River in the Missouri Ozarks, he made his home in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. He began writing songs at a young age, but recently began playing them at writer's rounds around Nashville. Keep checking the news on the home page for updates!


Dustin plays a Gibson J-15 with Martin Retro/Monel Strings, and a Fender Telecaster with Ernie Ball Rock N Roll Slinkys through a Fender Blues, Jr.

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Video of original song reached 17.5 thousand views on Facebook.

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