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Hungover In Houston



Hungover in Houston, and Lord, ain’t it a bad thing to be

When you’re busted and hungry, facin’ livin’ out on the street

Goin’ out of my mind, one drink at a time, tryin’ to hold out hope

I’ve got to get myself straight, and quit tying’ knots in the rope


I looked out on the city, watchin’ that sun come up

I wish I had a dime for every time I woke up drunk

I’m down on the bottom, but I’ve heard you can only rise

Hungover in Houston, but I’ve got my eyes on the prize



Lookin’ for people I knew, tryin’ to be discreet

‘Cause I was leavin’ somewhere, Lord knows I shouldn’t be

But as I took a shot from that old paper sack, the one I’ve grown to know so well

I said an old backslidin’ drunk ain’t got a snow ball’s chance in Hell



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