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This is the Official Merch Page for Dustin Lee Martin.
Buy T-shirts, hats, etc. Print on Demand, shipped within 48 hours, and delivered within 7 business days of purchase. These are high quality items designed by Dustin in collaboration with the artists George Anderson and Brandon Trammel, as well as Dustin's own artwork.


Tips - 

To order, use the menu below to preview the design and hat/shirt color you like. When you click on the picture, it will take you to an external store page, where you can choose the merch you want.

You do not need to join or create an account to order, you can order as a guest, the option will be at the bottom of the page when you go to purchase your cart.


You can slide the color selector left and right for more options, some shirts/hats have different colored text options as well.


The icons at the top are useful if you only want to see one type of item.

Every order puts gas in the tank and helps the train keep rolling! Thanks, y'all!

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